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Knee osteoarthritis service in Edinburgh

Spire Murrayfield Hospital has launched a new clinical service for patients with knee osteoarthritis.

This service has been set up in collaboration with Richard Nutton to provide a multidisciplinary approach to the non-surgical treatment of knee osteoarthritis.  The service is lead by physiotherapists with a special interest in knee disorders, who collaborate with orthotists, a podiatrist and a dietician to provide a comprehensive and up to date approach to treating knee arthritis.

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I attended this course which was held as usual in the excellent conference centre attached to Westminster Cathedral. As usual, it was a thought provoking meeting with excellent presentations all day but especially the keynote address by The right Honourable Lady Justice Rafferty, Lord Justice of Appeal. Lady Rafferty provided an insight into the critical issues considered by judges when hearing complex cases and the approach she takes when considering expert evidence presented to the court. One message above all rang out, which is to be certain you are indeed an expert in the subject under consideration otherwise the court will take short shrift with your evidence and with YOU! It was very clear that Lady Rafferty does not take kindly to being 'messed about' by experts who fall short in the level of expertise required by the court. A warning to us all.

I also enjoyed the presentation by Phil Hayes Chairman of Management Futures on the subject of Mental strength, adaptability and resilience under pressure - or 'bouncebackability' if you prefer. He illustrated his talk by describing challenging times in his own life and how these experiences had given him the insight to help others in many business field ranging from Saracens Rugby club to the NHS. The latter certainly seems to be in need of some bouncebackability at the moment as winter descends upon us.

This is an excellent meeting which I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone working in the medico-legal field as an expert witness. I will certainly be attending again next year.


I have decided to retire from clinical practice as from 31/12/2018. Although a difficult decision after many years as a practicing surgeon, I have decided to concentrate on my work as an expert witness providing reports for lawyers throughout the UK. I able tocall upon  many years of clinical experience in adult orthopaedics and trauma to assist lawyers throughout the UK in the  medicolegal claims process. My excellent PA, Christine Kennedy will be happy to assist with all enquiries. Please visit the 'Information for Lawyers' page on this website. Thank you