How does Knee Arthritis effect you

The arthritic knee is sore, particularly after prolonged standing and walking. The pain is usually relieved to some extent by sitting down, however the knee quickly stiffens, making it very uncomfortable when you have to get up to start to walk again. Rest pain at night time is not a major feature of knee arthritis, although turning in your sleep moving your painful knee, particularly lying on your side, can make the knee sore. Many people find that it is helpful to sleep with a pillow between their knees when they are lying on their sides. The knee will also swell to a variable extent, particularly after activities. There may be a sense of clicking and catching with the knee joint, particularly when bending down or going up and down stairs. The knee will feel less stable and reliable than usual and on occasions will feel as though it feels as though the knee will buckle and give way completely.

Overall, activities become progressively more restricted. Those 18 holes of golf which seemed relatively straightforward about a year ago become more of a challenge and there is certainly no prospect of playing two rounds of golf on consecutive days.